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Top 10 – Fleetwood Mac



published January 19, 2021

Top 10 Fleetwood Mac Songs Handpicked by Wes Jobling

  1. The Chain
    As I began to write the tenth spot for this list, I hit shuffle on my Fleetwood Mac playlist and lo and behold, ‘The Chain’s’ steady beat started playing, almost as if the song itself was aware I was going to give it the tenth spot. I believe that this is one of the most popular Mac songs because of its iconic guitar and bass solo that is associated with Formula 1 Racing. I remember hearing this song after I became fully infatuated with the band and feeling strangely nostalgic during the instrumental, but for a while, I found it impossible to remember where I had heard it from. Then the connection hit me. It was the formula 1 racing theme which took me back to Sunday mornings at my Nan’s house growing up. Overall ‘The Chain’ is such an atmospheric song that alludes to the Bands struggle to stay together. I love it for its eerie melody and the anger it possesses within its sound and foreboding lyrics.
  1. Storms
    Have you ever listened to this song at a window whilst watching rain droplets trickle down from a grey sky above? If the answer is no, then next time it rains pour yourself a warm cup of tea and let Stevie’s rough yet beautiful voice play, as you feel a comfort from the song’s warm vibe. Placing ‘Storms’ above ‘The Chain’ may seem controversial to some, however, this song means a lot to me. With such a strong feeling of hurt but also acceptance in this song, it instantly resonated with me upon hearing it for the first time in my university halls last year. What’s more is that my mum recently gifted me a bracelet with the words “I am the Storm” engraved on its metallic buckle, completely unaware. “I have always been a Storm” is one of my favourite lyrics from one of my favourite songs from my favourite band. I thought that was really special.
  1. Gold Dust Woman
    I have just one word for this song. Power. It is no secret that Stevie was addicted to cocaine and struggled to alleviate herself of this problem during her time in the band. The song serves as a haunting autobiographical warning that the band had written to themselves that if their addiction did not cease, they would die. Plain and simple. You can feel this weight of this message within the song’s ghostly tones and symbolic lyrics. I love this song for its creepy vibe and dark rooted history.
  1. Silver Springs
    If the word I associate with ‘Gold Dust Woman’ was ‘Power’ then ‘Torture’ is the what I would bestow upon ‘Silver Springs’. Even playing this song as I write this column, I started to tear up a little. This song is all about the difficulty of letting someone go and moving on. The raw emotion I feel when this song graces my ears is hard to put into words. The heartbroken curse Stevie sings at the song’s most powerful moment “time casts a spell on you but you won’t forget me, I know I could have loved you but you would not let me, I follow you down with the sound of my voice that haunts you, you’ll never get away from the sound of the woman that loved you” always felt so good to belt out when I needed that release of emotion. I really recommend it.
  1. Rhiannon
    Rhiannon’s mystical, magical feel has always drawn me to this song. There is something about this song that enables me to feel liberated as if I am Rhiannon herself, taking flight. I love the elements of witchcraft Stevie sings about in ‘Rhiannon’. This song, in particular, drew me to the band as I have always been fascinated with witchcraft and paganism, so I guess I can credit this tune for being the gateway to my obsession with Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. <3
  1. Seven Wonders
    This song takes me back to 2016, the root of my Fleetwood Mac obsession when I used to go for walks in the nearby forest and gaze at the large trees that formed dazzling shadows against the golden floor created by the dazzling summer sunsets. That’s what this song is to me. A drop of sunlight.
  1. Albatross
    With no lyrics, but only a gentle melody created by a few quiet instruments, ‘Albatross’ never fails to calm me down and alleviate any stress I carried before I listen to it. The strokes of the guitar in conjunction with the echoes of the symbols, against the constant hum of the bass, makes me feel like I am in a small boat drifting down a tranquil river, free of any troubles or responsibilities. It feels so natural and happy. The day before I moved back to Manchester last August, my friend and I enjoyed listening to ‘Albatross’ gentle tones whilst enjoying a riverside picnic with the sun warming our shoulders. If there is any moment I could jump back to feel relaxed, it is that summer afternoon.
  1. Everywhere
    What. A. Tune. Anyone who knows me personally knows ‘Everywhere’ is a song that I am guaranteed to play at any pre-drinks or party. My drunken self will also inevitably perform the same two-stepped dance from side to side whilst waving my fingers in the air to the song’s magical instrumental. For me, there are few happy occasions where this song would not fit. It fills me with happiness and appears to get everyone’s foot tapping, so that’s why ‘Everywhere’ is one of my favourite songs of all time!
  1. Only Over You
    I first heard this song when I was travelling to a university interview in Middlesbrough. Everything was appearing to go wrong that morning. Alone, I was under the impression that I was on the wrong train, and once I realised that I was not, I had to take a rail replacement bus for hours to make my way up to the North East. After I arrived, I spent what felt like hours trying to find the campus, and even longer trying to find the room where my interview was supposed to take place. Luckily, I smashed the interview and got a handshake as well as being told I will be a “success no matter where I go”. Throughout that frantic day where I scrambled at every challenge, it was Christine McVie’s ‘Only Over You’ that I kept listening to keep me grounded. Side note: I believe that Christine McVie is criminally underrated as a talent and for the contributions she has made to Fleetwood Mac. Her singing talents are impeccable, proved in such songs as ‘Songbird’, ‘Over & Over’ and ‘As Long You Follow’. She needs more praise for sure.
  1. Sara
    Without a doubt, ‘Sara’ is my favourite song of all time. I have made several requests to my friends who are lucky enough to outlive me to play it at my funeral. Additionally, I would also like to believe that this is my theme song if I was in a film or television series. I cannot begin to express how much this song means to me personally, whilst keeping this concise at least. Stevie’s wonderful voice mixed with the gorgeous piano is simply perfect. The lyrics are what blows me away the most. My favourite lyric will always be “Now it’s gone, it doesn’t matter anymore when you build your house, I’ll come by”.

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