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RVBY Interview – Coffee House Sessions Tour



published March 4, 2019

Week Three of the ever-present Coffee House Sessions Tour came and went with two beautiful yet contrasting performances from two insanely talented upcoming artists. First up was Bristol-based singer RVBY, fresh off of her success with single L.O.V.E. As always, Callum went to down to chat about the tour and her plans for the future…

How have you found the Coffee House tour to this point?

Yeah really, really fun. We’ve loved being out travelling and seeing different places. It’s my first ever tour!

So it must be nice playing cities you’ve not done before?

Of course, and just getting my music out there.


I played L.O.V.E. on my last show which got a great response, but to this point it’s the only song on Spotify. It must be difficult for yourself being able to get all these unreleased songs out there?

I am the most impatient person, I think everyone is; every artist is impatient. I’ve got all these songs, I’m just sitting on them and I want them out. There has to be plans though, you’ve got to release certain stuff first. You can go ahead and release all these songs and they might just flop.

How long was the single sat there before you could get it out for the public?

I recorded it at the same time as two other songs, so I kinda do three at a time. I was sitting on that for nearly six months, I just want it all out.

What was it like growing up in and around Bristol?

I never really explored the city itself until a couple of years ago, obviously when I could go out and see all these venues. I never really took advantage of that. I went to college in Bath and gigged a lot there.

Got a lot planned for the next few months when it comes to releasing new music?

Just keep releasing really, after this tour, I’m not gonna stop playing live. Now it’ll just be a case of releasing the next singles, going out and gigging. Getting a bigger setup and hopefully getting on some support slots.

After finishing college, was it purely music on a full-time basis?

Definitely, it was pretty much. If I didn’t have them [the label], I don’t know what I’d be doing. Probably sitting on my ass!

What made you decide to focus on music and not end up in further education or the like?

I’ve always dreamed quite big, I’ve got my sights set on big things! I’m finding at 19 everything’s quite difficult and I’m still finding myself as an artist really. I’m stressing a bit now, I used to write country songs and ballads and I feel like I’m missing playing that kinda stuff. Now I’m getting in a frenzy, it’s a really difficult age to be, especially with getting straight into music and getting your stuff out there. However, I’ve got great people behind me. They trust me and I trust them, I think it’s all going to go really well.

So how big are you planning, the likes of headlining Glastonbury in 10 years?

Yeah! Well hopefully less time obviously. I’m going for the big time, I mean if you don’t, what else are you gonna do?

I feel like you’ve got to have some sort of confidence to get through certain things right?

In this industry, if you’re not confident then unfortunately you’re not going to make it. It’s taken me ages to have the attitude to just go and say, just do it.

What’s your music vibe been like whilst you’ve been going through the realms of the tour over the last week and a bit?

Because the tour has been quite up and down, it’s hard getting engagement from certain groups, it does just make you feel a bit low so I’ve been in the world of listening to sadder things. Jack, my guitarist, has been showing me a lot of new music. There’s this guy called Sam Fender, I’ve just been listening and listening to his latest single Dead Boys and he’s brilliant. We’ve been listening to a lot of Bon Iver as well.

How about when it’s not so solemn?

Quite a lot of Sigrid. She’s really stayed true to herself and her sound. I listen to a lot of chart music like Dua Lipa.

Is she the kind of artist you’d love for them to have you on tour?

Yeah I’d love to get on tour with them, but there’s loads more and my mind definitely goes blank whenever anyone asks me about them. Quite a bit of 80s pop.

What’s the best way of keeping yourself from being bored whilst being a part of Coffee House?

I don’t think I’ve been bored once. There’s too much going on up here, you’re just thinking about the next thing really. It’s just Jack and me on the road, we get on so well so we don’t get bored of each other. There’s no time to get bored.

It must help when you’re working with someone on tour, to stop that?

The first rehearsal we ever had together, we said well if we don’t like each other, we’ve got two weeks to sort that. But it’s anything but that really.

So with it being the penultimate show, have you got anything special lined up musically?

Yeah, we’ve chucked in a cover of Toto’s Africa. It’s gone down quite well so far! People have been getting their phones out and recording.

With the next single you release, is it similar to the likes of L.O.V.E.?

It’s not as far from that than the other tracks are, I’ve got some that are huge things but the next one is not far from off. Get people interested, then hit them with the other ones. After this tour, songs are just gonna pour out of me. I’d love to just release some of the more stripped-back songs.

With us being a student radio, do you have any funny tales of life being a student whilst you were at college?

I loved college, I really had the best time there. The people around me, just had the best experience. They actually organised for us to play at the O2 Academy in Bristol, it was just us lot but the experience of it and being able to go backstage where so many others had played was just brilliant. That’s definitely a highlight of college. Funny stuff, me and a friend just managed to be absolute twats, we had the best time everyday in college. We just used to storm into classrooms and stuff.



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