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EP Review: Patrice & Pete Cannon – Butterfly



published October 27, 2019

After a string of solid releases this year, the latest EP on Loefah’s Swamp81 label comes from Patrice & Pete Cannon. Patrice; an up and coming 140 and UK Bass DJ/producer and Pete Cannon; a Jungle and UK Hip-Hop producer. This collaboration comes a bit out of nowhere but slots together nicely on Swamp81. The first time I heard the original iteration of Butterfly on HVYWGHT’s story, I was hooked – the high-pitched Dizzee Rascal sample mixed with a moody, rolling beat worked together so well. I did some research and got myself down to the nearest Swamp party to have a listen in the flesh. 

Unleashed on a soundsystem I was not disappointed. Even in the mix when the first bit of sub-bass abruptly kicks in you forget about the last song you were dancing to because you know something big is coming in. After a few loops of the sample prepping the crowd for what is to come, the room erupts as it finally drops into the infectious drum beat and the dark, shifting melodies. 



After months spent doing the rounds on radio shows and at raves, Butterfly has finally been released this past week. Due to copyright you can only get the original vocals on the vinyl that is being released next month. The digital release sees Snowy lace the track with his dynamic flow that matches the track’s energy.


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About last night.. 10 years of Swamp celebrated in style ?? Next up for us – the London debut for @innamindrecs. Priority tickets on sale wednesday 6pm, sign up via link in bio.

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