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EP Review: Lynott – Desert Walker



published July 21, 2020

The drop of Lynott Sound’s new EP Desert Walker this week, has not failed to provide nostalgia for the vapor/retro wave sounds that we need in our lives. Lynott could be seen as an electro Tame Impala revealing his own unique way of communicating a psychedelic illusion of sounds through music, to create an atmosphere of absorbing energies and vibes. 


The electronic experience expressed in Desert Walker has been explored through the powerful sounds of synths, 808 feels and some indie-funk tech aspects. The cleverly put together sounds picked and paired by Lynott, assists the listener in exploring various moods, as they experience a 21-minute journey of detailed sounds and energies from start to finish. As you listen to each track on the EP, it’s as though you’re entering a new dimension, going through a journey of space and time with its aspects of galactic and transcending feels. As a listener for myself in particular tracks 1, 3 and 5 were my best-loved on the EP, further enhancing the appreciation for detail and Lynott’s use of musical storytelling. 


Desert Walker is an EP that you can listen to, close your eyes and imagine or feel anything. The electronic journey that Lynott creates through sound if put into an image would be explained as a mirage of kaleidoscopes. When listening to this EP, I would suggest going in with an open mind and to pay attention to close detail to be able to experience all the essential vibes necessary! 


Words by Adele Tondu 


Listen to Desert Walker by Lynott:

Lynott Sounds · Lynott – Desert Walker


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