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Album Review: clipping. – There Existed an Addiction Of Blood



published October 18, 2019


There is a moment on this album, near the end on the second to last track, where one word springs to mind – jarring. 40 minutes in and experimental rap group clipping.’s third album There Existed an Addiction Of Blood, is a reminder current state of the world. Shifting in the same way a babbling poet on an open mic night would, clipping.’s front man Daveen Diggs babbles at an alarming pace about the shedding of blood, the need for violence and other forms of horrific narrative. The album is very grey. So grey in fact, it’s an avid reminder of the dystopian nightmare we’re currently heading towards as a society. The mental images painted for the listener makes you feel as though you’ve walked into a Brothers Quay claymation. One that specifically came to mind was Streets of Crocodiles, evoking the same isolated feeling of wandering aimlessly through desolate landscapes.



The splintered and razor-sharp landscapes both William And Jonathan construct for Daveen to scrape himself on warp into a mish-mash of different nightmares, hitting the listener in the face with uncomfortable and alternative resolutions. As much as it tries to send a message, it drags itself just a little to far over the line with its truculent experimentation, singeing their already melted and twisted image. Their new album may not hold the same level of gravitas as their earlier work, but clipping are sure as hell finding new ways to make listening to hip-hop more challenging.


Words by Evan Hodgkinson

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