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Album Review: Tame Impala – The Slow Rush



published March 3, 2020


Kevin Parker: singer, songwriter, producer and time-traveller. Through his perfectionism and close relationship to stigmas surrounding time, listening to The Slow Rush felt like I was being taken on a journey through time, with each song becoming a new realisation, understanding or attachment. Strong psychedelic and enchanting sounds, paired with dominant rhythm, through a selection of drum arrangements, was able to bring many emotions to life throughout the album.


The Slow Rush, released on the 14th February 2020, is Tame Impala’s fourth studio album, following on from 2015’s Currents. The singles ‘Patience’ and ‘Borderline’ were recorded during these sessions but Parker reworked them to feature on this new record. Parker’s influence through sound, whether seen through his impact on the rap/hip-hop world, where his music is well known for being sampled by many artists such as Asap Rocky, Travis Scott and many more, or through his music being a pioneer his fusion of Prog-Pop, Indie and Disco it is undeniable that as a musician he does not fail to create music that helps you connect your emotions towards too. Kevin Parker stated that “Part of the thing about me starting an album is that I have to feel kind of worthless again to want to make music” his relation to loneliness and isolation is what I feel helps him to create parallels of new feeling/sound to his music, which is conveyed through each track on the album. This can be appreciated through, the illusion of sounds with a futuristic wave on ‘Posthumous Forgiveness’ and ‘On Track’, then a pop-dance funky sensation recognised on ‘Breathe Deeper’ and ‘Lost In Yesterday’.



As a big fan of Tame Impala, when I heard about the album dropping on Valentine’s Day, I was deliberating as to whether the album had a close connection to love, but now, after hearing the album, it’s very obvious that the persistent theme throughout the album is the notion of time. In an interview with Triple J’s Lucy Smith, Parker talks about “time” as an important theme on the record, being interesting to see how “humans relationship with time creates so many emotions” and his inspiration into how humans are “obsessed with the past, overwhelmed with nostalgia, living in the moment and anxious/confident for the future”. 


From previous albums and singles released by Tame Impala, The Slow Rush did not fail to meet expectations, with the last track ‘One More Hour’ being self an explanation of how I felt once the album had finished. This record left me knowing it was the end but not wanting it to be, making you want to listen to an endless loop of Tame Impala which with genius links closely to Kevin Parker’s concept of the album; “Nostalgia as a drug to which we’re all addicted” and the whole idea of humans “over romanticising the past and being consumed with regret”.


Review by Adele Tondu

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